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Term & Condition


I. About 1688.co.id

1688.co.id is a marketplace platform that mediates or connects you with suppliers, both manufacturers and wholesalers, on the 1688.com website. Our services are based on commission/service fee. For our services include; Forward orders to suppliers, make payments to suppliers, cooperate with logistics companies / other companies for all processes related to customs and product delivery from China until they arrive at the buyer's address, helping buyers to make complaints to suppliers if there are problems; Online consultation about shopping if there are problems with buyers.

II. Purchase Service


Prohibited Products:

  • All kinds of animals, pets, live plants and seeds.

  • Cosmetics, food, children's toys have no clear source, harmful substances that affect the user.

  • All types of goods are prohibited nationally such as drugs, nerve stimulants, ammunition weapons, military equipment, pornographic material, reactionary publication documents that are against Indonesian regulations.

  • Liquids, explosives or flammable substances, aerosols, compressed air cylinders and other hazardous or unhealthy substances that cause environmental pollution.

  • Other products mentioned in the table are prohibited for export by law.

  • Portable electronic products such as HP, Tablet and Laptop.


Rules About Ordering:

  • We are not responsible if there is damage to the goods caused by the shipping process. Please add a wooden packing service for products that are easily damaged or break easily if exposed to shocks during the shipping process.

  • We are committed to forwarding orders to sellers within a maximum of 24 hours after you make payment to our site (except holidays). If there are problems such as out of stock, insufficient number of products, out of color or size choices, sellers who have not responded to orders or other problems, we will immediately confirm with you via the discussion menu. Please respond to this immediately.

  • The Yuan/RMB exchange rate is flexible, if you do not complete the payment according to the maximum payment limit stated on the bill / expired bill, there will be a new exchange rate adjustment.

  • The service fee charged to you is in accordance with the membership plan you have chosen. If there are changes to the rules, we will inform you through the website: www.1688.co.id. Membership plan changes can be made in the membership plan list option menu.

  • The excess remaining payment can be in the form of an excess transfer or additional difference due to a unique number that will be added to the deposit balance in your account.

  • If there are high-risk products such as light bulbs, glass, porcelain, ceramics, crystals, which are made of hard plastic, products with resin materials (easily damaged and broken in the shipping process), we reserve the right to refuse purchases or recommend to customers to use wooden crates to minimize the risk of damage during transportation.


Regulations About Payments / Fees:

  • Payment is made in 2 stages, namely:

    Stage 1:

    Product Fee + Service Fee + Estimated Chinese Local Postage (Seller to Shelter in China. Stage 1 payment is made when the order is first placed in our system.

    Stage 2:

    China postage to Jakarta Warehouse (including tax) + Jakarta delivery to your address. The second stage of payment is paid after the goods arrive in Jakarta and before being forwarded to your address.


Regulations About Shipping:

  • Delivery of goods will go through 3 processes, namely:

    • China Local Shipping (from Seller To Shelter in China).

    • Shipping China to Indonesia.

    • Delivery Jakarta to their respective addresses.

  1. China Local Delivery (Seller to Warehouse)

    • Duration: about 2-7 days, depending on the seller's location

    • Cost

      China local shipping cost refers to the weight of the package. The fees that appear on 1688.co.id are estimates, if there is an excess it will be added to your balance. If it is not enough, we will confirm it with you first.

  2. Shipping China – Indonesia

    • Shipping Via Air (LWE)

      • Duration: range 10 – 18 Working Days

      • LWE delivery duration is the duration of delivery from China to an address in Indonesia.

      • LWE shipping rates include local Indonesian shipping rates

      • The maximum LWE shipment is 10 kg, if the package weight exceeds 10 kg, the package will be split into several packages and a repackaging fee will be charged.

      • Minimum LWE shipping is 1 Kg. If your package weighs less than 1 Kg, a minimum fee will be charged, which is 1 kg. For the fee, follow the calculation on the 1688.co.id system. The amount of the fee depends on the price and category of the goods you send. For certain items that are large in size but light in weight, a fee will be charged based on the volume of the package. This is common for items like pillows, dolls, etc.

      • Formula: Volume Weight (Kg) = (length (cm) * Width (cm) * height (cm)) / 6000

    • Shipping By Air (Air Cargo)

      • Duration : Range 10 – 20 Working Days

      • The duration of Air Cargo delivery is the duration of delivery from China to the logistics warehouse in Jakarta.

      • Minimum shipping by air is 1 Kg. If your package weighs less than 1 Kg, a minimum fee will be charged, which is 1 kg. The cost starts from 200 rb/kg all in. The amount of the fee depends on the category of goods you send. For certain items that are large in size but light in weight, a fee will be charged based on the volume of the package. This is common for items like pillows, dolls, etc.

      • Formula: Volume Weight (Kg) = (length (cm) * Width (cm) * height (cm)) / 6000

    • Shipping By Sea

      • Duration : 30 – 45 Days Range

      • Minimum shipping by sea is 0.1 CBM (depending on membership plan). If it is less than 0.1 CBM, the minimum tariff will be charged.

      • Shipping costs by sea start from 650 thousand / 0.1 CBM, the cost depends on the type of goods you send. All-in costs to the logistics warehouse in Jakarta.

      • The calculation of shipping costs refers to the size of the package volume.

      • The seller at 1688.com does not display the package size on the website, for that our site cannot automatically calculate the cost of shipping via sea.

      • We must first know the size of the package sent by the seller, and then we can determine the fixed shipping cost.

      • The size of the package can be known after the goods arrive at the warehouse in China, then it will be measured again after the goods arrive in Jakarta to ensure their validity.

      • The 1688.co.id team can help you estimate shipping costs before the product is sent by the seller, with a note waiting for package size info from the seller. And this is an estimate, for the fixed size after the goods arrive.

      • The logistics company has the right to open the package before continuing the shipment to Indonesia, to ensure the goods sent are appropriate and there are no prohibited items in the package.

      • The logistics company has the right to open the package before continuing the shipment to Indonesia, to ensure the goods sent are appropriate and there are no prohibited items in the package.

      • There is no maximum delivery.

      • The maximum weight per 1 cbm is 200 kg, if the weight exceeds 200 kg an additional fee will be charged per kg for the difference in weight. This usually occurs for goods in the form of heavy equipment, factory machinery and goods containing excessive iron/steel material.

      • Formula: Volume Weight (Kg) = (length (cm) * Width (cm) * height (cm)) / 6000

  3. Delivery Jakarta - Address

    • Duration: Depends on the destination city and the expedition company used. (Special LWE goods are directly sent to the address at no additional cost)

    • Goods will be sent to the address, after you make the 2nd stage of payment.

    • Indonesian local couriers adjust to what you request. You can choose JNE, J&T, Indah Cargo, Cobra etc.

    • If you don't make the 2nd stage payment no later than 10 days after the product arrives at the Indonesian Warehouse, starting from the time of notification on our site. Then will be charged a warehouse fee of Rp. 2000.-/kg/day. If it has been more than 30 days from the time of the penalty, we reserve the right to liquidate the item without a refund to you.

    • In certain cases, such as force majeure or problems in delivery that cause the package to not arrive within a maximum of 60 working days from the item purchased. Then 1688.co.id will give you a 100% refund option.


Rules on Product Inspection:

  • Delivery of goods will go through 3 processes, namely:

    • When your goods arrive at the China Warehouse, the logistics company will check the purchased products, which includes the number of goods and ensure the goods are in accordance with the order.

    • We are not responsible for checking product authenticity, quality, specifications, product brand or status of new or used goods, random goods sent by the seller as displayed on the website, etc.

    • We are not responsible for products that are distorted and damaged during the shipping process. You must select the appropriate product and packaging to minimize the risk of distortion and damage. Examples include adding a wooden package.

    • When there is a case that there is a lack of stock from the seller, the package will still be sent to Indonesia by providing information to you first, then we will contact the seller to send the product shortage. The seller will decide to ship the rest of the goods or refund the overpayment for products that have not been shipped. If there is a refund from the seller, the funds will be added to your balance.

    • We do not count small items, with more than 200 products in 1 package or products that have been packaged in wooden crates or vacuum packaging. Because this can affect the quality and safety of the product in the shipping process.

    • We do not carry out product operational checks on electronic products such as CPUs, microchip chips, lights, televisions, and other electronic goods. What can be done by the checking department is limited to the number of products .


Order Cancellation:

  • Orders can be canceled if the seller does not respond within 5 working days (excluding holidays).

  • Orders cannot be canceled once they have been forwarded to the seller or are already in the process of being shipped.

III. Complaints And Solutions


General Rules:

  • Terms of Receiving Products at Your Address:

    Please check the product quantity when your package arrives. We receive complaints within a maximum of 3 x 24 hours after the order has changed status has been received.

    The weight, volume and size of the goods have been recorded clearly in the 1688.co.id system. When you want to make a complaint regarding the size of the package, you must provide the information of the package received. (Such as: photos/videos of the package before it is received, when the package is opened and the product you want to complain about, including weight, size and number of products).


Setting Time To Make Complaints:

You can make a complaint from your order form within 3 x 24 hours since the order status changes to " Delivered "

The " " status Sent refers to:

  • You confirm receipt of the goods, or.

  • The tracking status of the local courier already has information that the goods are received.

  • The system will automatically change the "Delivered" status after 7 x 24 hours since the item was dropped at the local courier.


Complaint Policy

  • We are responsible if our team makes an error when ordering, such as the wrong color, wrong size or wrong model. We will make a 100% refund of the value of the wrong product or it can also be discussed with the customer for compensation

  • We are not responsible if in the ordering process there is an input error from the customer in the form of: wrong size, wrong color, wrong model, wrong product, etc.

  • If the seller is out of stock, or the quantity of goods needed by the customer is insufficient, then we will refund the remaining funds to the customer's balance.

  • If the seller informs that the order has not been sent in full, and agrees to refund, then we will refund the customer according to the amount returned by the seller as soon as possible after the seller makes a refund to us.

  • Regarding product warranty, we are not responsible for warranty policies and rules.

  • There is no return option for goods that have arrived in Indonesia.

  • If there is a wrong shipment of goods or the product sent by the seller is damaged, we will help convey the customer's complaint to the seller, by offering the following options:

    1. Ask the Seller to reduce the price, or exchange a new item to compensate for the damaged product, if they agree to this, the product will be compensated, We will refund the customer when the Seller returns the money to Us.

    2. For products that are prone to damage or distortion during the shipping process, we recommend that customers use wooden crates to minimize the risk of damage. Because we are not responsible for replacing or returning products damaged due to shipping.

  • If a product is lost during shipping from China to Indonesia, we will compensate the customer for 100% of the value of the lost product.

  • For complaints submitted by customers, we will examine and deal with complaints received. Customers are expected to check and respond to information related to handling the complaint. If the customer does not respond within 7 x 24 hours, the complaint will be closed because the period for handling complaints from Chinese sellers is very short.

IV. Action for Violation

In the following cases, we have the right to unilaterally refuse to provide services by blocking your account on the system without notification, also have the right to report you to the authorities if:

  • There is fraudulent activity in the transaction: False reports of lost products when receiving products, fraudulent payments, and not following complaint handling procedures.

  • Posting or providing false information to reduce 1688.co.id's reputation either on social media or directly to other customers.

  • Using vulgar, disrespectful, aggressive words towards 1688.co.id employees.