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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions!

  • What is 1688.co.id?
1688.co.id is a marketplace platform that helps to connect you with suppliers or factories in China.
Yes. Service charges start from 1% of the total transaction.
Yes, the product will ship directly to your address. There are 2 options of shipping methods, air freight, and sea freight. The difference is the cost and duration time.
  • Supplier - China Warehouse: 3 - 5 days
  • China - Indonesia :
    • By air :
      1. Economy : 14 - 21 days
      2. Regular : 5 - 10 days
    • By sea :
      1. Economy : 5 - 6 weeks
      2. Regular : 3 - 4 weeks
Yes. All suppliers in 1688.com are legal companies in China.
1688.com is a local Chinese marketplace that consists is manufacturers and wholesale sellers. That`s why the price in 1688.com very cheap. For more information, please click the following button.
The difference is in the target market, price and minimum purchase. For complete information, please click the following button.
OK. Please click the following button to connect with us.