Welcome to 1688.CO.ID, Indonesia`s Mainstay Platform for Importers.


Our services

Connecting You with Factories

1688.co.id integrated with 1688.com system. You can connect with millions of products from around 60 thousand factories and wholesalers in China through 1688.co.id. So you no longer need to bother with Mandarin and also don`t have to pay a lot of money to come to China

Ease Payment

Ease payment, because you can pay in Rupiah

Shipment to Indonesia

Integrated with shipping companies that will send your goods to your address. Just waiting for the product in your home, because we will handle all the import processes. You can ship the product by sea or via air.

Tracking System

Track the shipment easily, directly from our platform

Advanced Searching Features

Find the product easily used advanced features such as find by images, copying links and keywords.

Trending Products

Provide recommendations on the best-selling products in China. You can use it as a reference product you will buy.

Economic Cost

Our handling fees very cheap when compared to the benefits provided. Starting from 1%.

No Minimum Transaction

There is no minimum transaction at 1688.co.id. There is only a minimum shipment. Minimum air freight is 1 KG, and sea freight is 0.1 CBM

Capital Application

The application will help you to calculate the profit. This platform will support the application to calculate your profit based on your budget.